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Stelios time quiz!

Hey, penguins! I made a brand new time quiz! You requirements are fast typing, fast internet (15 mbps +) and of course intelligence about Club penguin! You are all clever penguins and I am sure you will pass the quiz! Here is it:

Quiz Link 1

Hope you clever penguins (and fast surfers) get your certificate of this quiz and write fast! It’s not an easy quiz! Bye bye!


~Stelios Boy.


Catalog Yesterday & Party Update!

Hey, penguins! Yesterday cp made a new post! Read it, I made some changes to it like it is today:

There was a new Penguin Style in the Gift Shop yesterday, so check out the new garden-friendly fashions for your penguin! You’ll be able to wear your new outdoor things when you and your friends start hunting for eggs next Friday during the annual Easter egg scavenger hunt!!


In Other News: Some of you have asked about keeping the Box Dimension room (the special room you get to through the Portal Box) around after the April Fool’s Party. It’s a great idea and we wanted to let you know we’re going to leave it up for a while so you and your friends can enjoy it even after the party is over. Let us know what you think!

In other news, for people who don’t know, SteliosBoy 1 is again a member!

I think the April Fools Party update is cool!


~Stelios Boy.


Club Penguin Clothing Catalog April 2009!

Hey, penguins! Today the new clothing catalog(click for the swf) is out!

Let’s start with the cheats:

Go on the 12th page, and in the combination of the lights, click on it, and you will find the red vikiing helmet (close and open 4 times for the blue one) :


The second cheat is on page 16. Click on the coffee sign (only the FEE is displayed) and you will find the spikester wig:


Finally, the last cheat is on pages 21-22. Click on the purple mat that joins these two pages, in order to find the spikette wig:


That was all!


~Stelios Boy.


April Fools Party Update!

Hello Penguins! Stelios here! Club Penguin will throw out April Fools party on Wednesday! Have your penguins ready! Well, this is what CP said:

It’s April Fool’s Day on Wednesday, and you know what that means… Anything is possible while we celebrate silliness during this wacky party in Club Penguin! We hope to see you being silly and waddling around with your friends in search of special boxes! There are a lot of surprises for everyone, and some special things for members – we can’t wait to hear what you think.


In Other News: There’s a new Penguin Style catalog out this Friday, so start saving your coins to get this season’s designs! If you like gardening gear, you might want to check it out.

Until then…Waddle on!

This was the post by Club Penguin!


~Stelios Boy.


New Club Penguin Cards!

Hey, penguins! The new trading cards of Dojo will be on Club Penguin on April, that means in a few days!


Also, the Club Penguin Elite Force, the Club Penguin DS Game, now is avaliable in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland!  It is in english of course and it will go in other countries soon!

That was all!


~Stelios Boy.


Cove Catalog Hidden Cheat!

Hey, penguins! I found a coolie cheat on the cove catalog today!

First open the cove catalog and click on the word: “WAVES”


And you will find the silver surfboard:


Well, that’s all!


~Stelios Boy.


Newspaper issue #180!

Hey, penguins! Today the news newspaper is out! Look here the basic things:

First of all, there is the classified picture, that tells you about hidden emotes:


Next, there is the traditional thing of me on newspapers, the puzzle solution that I solved only with 6 moves:


And, a new thing on the newspaper. On page C6, there is a fortune cookie of Sensei:


If you move your mouse on the cookie, Sensei will tell you something:


Lastly, there are the upcoming evets (who some of them are already on CP) :


That was all for today!


~Stelios Boy.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends! In CP you can chat, play, get money, make friends and many more. You have to pay real money to buy items and more. You can create a penguin but if you are not paying you will be a nonmember-you will have free items only. You can play it at Miniclip. Here is the link:

Who is/was online at this site



Please click those images. If you click them you will help me. Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

About Panpet, Demidex, Hgimvfnu, Tampos, Stelios and Gbilly222222

About Panpet: Panpet is every day at club penguin at server Flippers and sometimes at White House. He will give you cheats and sometimes he would do parties.If you want to add him dont ask him but just do it yourself.He will accept from sure.Go now at CP and see if he is online.He could be everywere. He is a boy. His real birthday will be at February fourth. Dont worry if he dont go to club penguin the morning. That means he is at school. He uses Windows Computer.Also his favourite room (he make party there) is cove. He like Windows. He is 11 years old. Demidex is his twin brother. He lives in Larnaca.( Cyprus). Cyprus is a small island in Europe. His favourite colour is red but he likes Team Blue.His theme colour is red. Panpet never got banned. He also has MSN: About Demidex: Demidex is every day at Club Penguin. He usualy goes on Server Snow drift and Rocky Road but he sometimes goes to White house to help his brother.His real name is Demos. If you want to add him you want to chat and be friends with him because he has a lot of friends. He sometimes play Planet Cazmo. His name at Planet Cazmo is Tigerbomb and he has a site: . He also has MSN: . He never got banned. He is 11 years old and his birthday is at February Forth. His favourite colour is blue , he is with blue team. Also his favourite room (he make party there) is cove. About Hgimvfnu: Hgimvfnu is on Club penguin alway.He usually goes to Mammoth and Frozen server! He is a Admin so he will post te news and some club penguin cheats and glitchs. He also has His site is About Tampos(s): Tampos is on Club Penguin everyday. He always goes on Mammoth (It's a US server) His first account Tampos got permanent banned so he uses his other account Tamposs. He is a boy. About Stelios: Stelios goes on Club Penguin nearly every day. His main Penguin is SteliosBoy 1. He has not got backup penguin and he is searching for one. If you have one, non-member at least 600 days old and with rare items or a member that is for a long time member and he is more than 150 days old (140 WILL BE OK) send email at and you may have prize. Wordpress Emails: and About Gbilly222222 Gbilly222222 is at Club Penguin almost everyday.If you have a rare penguin 200 days old (180 will be ok)with rare items send it to . He offen goes to server Frozen and sometimes in many other servers. He is 13 years old and likes coulor black. He is with team red in Club Penguin. He hasnt a site. He works in panpet's site.
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