My News Music Video

Hello Penguins!Hgimvfnu Here!Here is my new Music Video!Sorry about the bad sound but i was VERY busy and i couldn’t fix it :


New Music Vid By Stelios!

Hey, penguins! I’m Stelios and I made a new music video! It’s fantastic! Not like my old ones! Now, if you want to watch it, you have the chance! Look here:

So, that was it!

If you want to browse my channel, you have the chance! Visit SteliosBoy1!

So, that was it!

~Stelios Boy.


Club Penguin DS Game In Australia!

Hey, penguins! Did you hear the brand news? DS Club Penguin Game is going to be in Australia too!
cpds.jpgAs I learnt, it won’t be only in Australia! It will be in New Zealand too!

Happy Trails!


~Stelios Boy.


New domain acquired & Party sneak peek!

Hey, penguins! We’ve got a lot of news today! Let’s start with our blog news. This blog will be named www.cphints.com for a couple of months, and it’s name will be www.stelios2.net

Now, let’s continue with club penguin news. That’s what Billybob wrote:

We’ve looked carefully at our French, Portuguese, and English comments and the clear winner was Choice #3! 

med3.jpgI wasn’t going to announce the name of the party yet, but a lot of you guessed… and you were right – it’s the Medieval Party! It’ll go from May 8 – 17. Thanks for all your feedback. We love to hear from you about what you want to see. And speaking of the Medieval Party… I got a glimpse of some of the things that the team is working on.

medievalsneekpeek.jpgSome of you might remember the party from last year and we’re working really hard to bring back your favorite parts. I also hear there will be something special for members…

This is very great! I think we get amazed from the Medieval Party!

That’s all!


~Stelios Boy.


Club Penguin Glitch (don’t forget the CPS)

Hey, penguins! As I was waddling out on cp, my friend (ncplaya) told me a great glitch! Look how it is. The image is like that:


Now press, shift and : and _ and look how does it become:


Also, this glicth doesn’t affect letters and font and can be also performed by pressing the = button.


~Stelios Boy, don’t forget the party and the CPS army with me and Miroos!


Stelios party for 100.000 Hits!

(that’s a sticky post, scroll down for the latest cp news)

Hey, penguins! I prepared the invitation of my 100,000 hits party! It will be on:

PLACE: Northern Lights, Dock

WHY: 100,000 Hits!

WHO: Everyone!

WHEN: 6:00 GMT, 9:00 A.M. PST, 23RD APRIL!

SPECIAL GUESTS: (may come) Tampos, Ameeron!

Here’s my invitation:


This is all!

Hope you too come!

~Stelios Boy!


April Fools Time Quiz is out!

Hey, penguins!

I am Stelios and I just have prepared a new quiz about Club Penguin April Fools day and things around it.

Take it, and get amazed!

Quiz Link 1

FAQ: Is the vid title the same as the title on the vid?

Sometimes it’s not.

FAQ: How many quizzes have you made?


FAQ: Why did you do a vid question?

Because people told me do this.

FAQ: Do you want to get famous by quizzes?

No, I don’t advertise on the quizzes my site.

FAQ: When you make a quiz, you run and post it?

No, I do the quiz once to test it and then I post it.

FAQ: How do you know people like quizzes?

I know it because in the people that have done and completed the quiz there is the number of people who have finished the quiz.

Those were the most frequent FAQs.



~Stelios Boy.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends! In CP you can chat, play, get money, make friends and many more. You have to pay real money to buy items and more. You can create a penguin but if you are not paying you will be a nonmember-you will have free items only. You can play it at Miniclip. Here is the link: http://play.clubpenguin.com/miniclip.htm

Who is/was online at this site



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About Panpet, Demidex, Hgimvfnu, Tampos, Stelios and Gbilly222222

About Panpet: Panpet is every day at club penguin at server Flippers and sometimes at White House. He will give you cheats and sometimes he would do parties.If you want to add him dont ask him but just do it yourself.He will accept from sure.Go now at CP and see if he is online.He could be everywere. He is a boy. His real birthday will be at February fourth. Dont worry if he dont go to club penguin the morning. That means he is at school. He uses Windows Computer.Also his favourite room (he make party there) is cove. He like Windows. He is 11 years old. Demidex is his twin brother. He lives in Larnaca.( Cyprus). Cyprus is a small island in Europe. His favourite colour is red but he likes Team Blue.His theme colour is red. Panpet never got banned. He also has MSN: pana.yiotis@hotmail.com About Demidex: Demidex is every day at Club Penguin. He usualy goes on Server Snow drift and Rocky Road but he sometimes goes to White house to help his brother.His real name is Demos. If you want to add him you want to chat and be friends with him because he has a lot of friends. He sometimes play Planet Cazmo. His name at Planet Cazmo is Tigerbomb and he has a site: http://cazmohints.wordpress.com . He also has MSN: demospetsas@hotmail.com . He never got banned. He is 11 years old and his birthday is at February Forth. His favourite colour is blue , he is with blue team. Also his favourite room (he make party there) is cove. About Hgimvfnu: Hgimvfnu is on Club penguin alway.He usually goes to Mammoth and Frozen server! He is a Admin so he will post te news and some club penguin cheats and glitchs. He also has MSN:alex-11@windowslive.com His site is www.hgimvfnu.com About Tampos(s): Tampos is on Club Penguin everyday. He always goes on Mammoth (It's a US server) His first account Tampos got permanent banned so he uses his other account Tamposs. He is a boy. About Stelios: Stelios goes on Club Penguin nearly every day. His main Penguin is SteliosBoy 1. He has not got backup penguin and he is searching for one. If you have one, non-member at least 600 days old and with rare items or a member that is for a long time member and he is more than 150 days old (140 WILL BE OK) send email at kastelios67@yahoo.com and you may have prize. Wordpress Emails: kasstelios67@yahoo.com and stelioskas@hotmail.com About Gbilly222222 Gbilly222222 is at Club Penguin almost everyday.If you have a rare penguin 200 days old (180 will be ok)with rare items send it to chris96_rey@hotmail.com . He offen goes to server Frozen and sometimes in many other servers. He is 13 years old and likes coulor black. He is with team red in Club Penguin. He hasnt a site. He works in panpet's site.
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